The Unseen [Internal Salvation]

The Unseen – Internal Salvation (c) 2007 Hellcat Records The Unseen's latest, Internal Salvation, is the groups second release on Hellcat Records and the follow up to 2005's State of Discontent and just one of some 15 odd releases over as many years.  Practice perseverance and dedication have proven yet again that punk is only as dead as the people that give up on it.  Internal Salvation presents 13 new tracks replete with angsty wailings of personal tragedy and societal woes.  Short and sweet like punk rock ought to be, clocking in right about 30 minutes.  Despite all the talk bandied about that The Unseen has sold out, I say, "Bite Me! Let's see you been in a punk band for almost 15 years and still sound that real."  –Jerry Actually 

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