Swingin’ Utters – Fistful of Hollow

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fistful-of-hollow-croppedIt’s been a long time since I could drag my ass in front of a computer and be bothered to write anything at all. I’d like to blame it on a lot of things, but in truth, it’s my own fault. Thankfully there is a new album from $wingin’ Utter$ to kick me in the pants. Officially released today, the new album has been streamable through several outlets for a couple weeks now. If you haven’t already heard it, get on this!

15 tracks of both class sounding Utters and a new eclectic sound that brings new dimension to the bands punk rock pedigree. The tracks are arranged in a tilt-a-whirl of back and forth styles. From the angular opener, Alice and into the the title track, Fistfull of Hollow sees the band back to form and then bolting off of standard form into Tell Them Told You So. The album progresses in this manner throughout.

I can understand if it might be a bit off putting at first. There’s a lot of experimenting with styles that might leave some questioning the direction of the band. It’s my opinion that as a band matures, they’re going to either give over to experimentation or grow stale. To that end, it makes me think of how things changed on Let’s Go Bowling’s Stay Tuned release, or later era Clash. Yeah, maybe it wasn’t you thought it was supposed to be, but it was damn good.

Overall it’s a rewarding listen for old and new fans alike. At the end of the day, there’s nothing so far out of form that the familiar tracks won’t drag you back in to give the next tune a try.

–Jerry Actually

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