AAK Featuring Joey Image & Dave Scott

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aakLife had really been kicking me in the balls. My car had been in the shop for almost three weeks. The misses had started a new job and immediately injured her Achilles tendon. Eight hours in the ER on a holiday weekend, my first long weekend in some time, with nothing but bills to show for it. I spent the remainder of the weekend and the next week playing choreboy for my lady. The shit just kept on coming.

Finally a month and $2k later I had my car back. Wife was off the crutches and heading back to work. Things were looking up and there was a break in the clouds. … Life had other plans. “Go fuck yourself”, it said. Power steering pump number three blows a seal. No car again, and oh, that house you’re in escrow on, the seller won’t make repairs and your loan can’t go through. Well damn! I am tired of this scrotum football routine.

Today though I’m not kicking kicked in the nuts. I’m getting my musical ass kicked with an new release by perennial favorites Awesome and the Ass-kickers. AAK is back with a collection of hard-hitting (like a luchador) tracks. The new album is titled, AAK Featuring Joey Image & Dave Scott. It is exactly what it is.

If you’re not familiar with AAK, first, shame on you. Second, correct yourself. The band brings about a return to a simpler, fun-loving, hijinks filled era of punk rock. The sound is garage as fuck and all kinds of fun.

The new album continues in the vein of what I’ve come to expect from AAK. Odes to tits, STDs, and Fantasy Island hosts. Throw in a dash of classic punk covers and dose of guest musician street cred and you’ve got yourself one classic rock and roll album my friends.

Dig if you will these track names:

1. Ricardo Montalban 03:34
2. Horror Business 02:38
3. Douchie Man 02:47
4. Teenagers from Mars 02:37
5. Milky Tits 03:32
6. A Nice Song in the Key of D 01:20
7. Gonorrhea 03:18
8. White Hassle 01:29

The songs, as you can see, are short and sweet just the way I like ‘em. Punk rock doesn’t need to waste my time being all wanky and cerebrally challenging. Sometimes it’s nice to not need to find a deeper hidden meaning below the surface.

At any rate there’s a new album from AAK and you should seek it out immediately. In fact, go here and rent a copy of this biotch!


Jerry Actually

Awesome and The Asskickers

© 2014


aak_cropsAll hope was lost. Children and goats cried out in the dark of night. Productivity was high, yet morale was low. Suddenly things were different. Somehow all hope was not lost. A new album appeared and it was Awesome … … … … … and the Asskickers!

Following up on their bold and dashing EP from 2008 comes a new full length release from Orlando’s most rocking luchadores, AAK, heretofore known as Awesome and the Asskickers.

Quit Fucking With Our Crops brings 11 songs, many of which are new, seemingly better, renditions of “classic” AAK tunes. Naturally when your band is this powerful, you don’t just live on the legacy of your past material, even if you easily could. New sweet track faves include: “Tombstone”, an homage to delicious frozen bake-in-your-own-oven pizzas, (One wonders if the AAK crew ever got to enjoy sweet sweet Tombstone Pizza before their terrible corporate takeover in the 80s?) “I like Making Friends”, a wonderful song of friendship and nachos, and Still Alive, a bit more, how shall I say, musically mature, instrumental.

But enough about that. Now it’s time for this. If you are unaware of the sound that AAK’s putting down, it’s a wacky blend of Ramonesesque punk riffs, a dab of surf guitar, the Grease soundtrack, Meatmen style gruffness, a Broadway musical, and the Latino flair of Manic Hispanic. So dig on that if you can.

At any rate, there’s a new AAK release. It is your new immediate favorite. If you need to contact the band to play your sister’s quinceanera or something, you can google ‘em up on the interwebs at www.awesomeandtheasskickers.com

If that all ain’t enough to get your guts in a bunch, I got two more questions to ask you. Are you ready? Are you ready for meatball spaghetti?

–Jerry Actually