Skarhead – Drugs Music & Sex


Skarhead’s brand new album “Drugs, Music & Sex” hits US stores on November 17th!

Skarhead was founded in 1995 by Lord Ezec and the EP “Drugs, Money, Sex” was released that same year. Their follow up album, “Kings At Crime” took the worldwide hardcore scene by storm in 1999 and instantaneously became one of the all time classic hardcore records. Today 10 years after the release of “Kings At Crime” Lord Ezec, a street fighting legend from Queens and leader in the hardcore community, is back as frontman of the world’s most infamous hardcore bands!

“Drugs, Music & Sex” is already a classic and Ezec has managed to record another timeless album for those who love a good blend of street brutality and the most ignorant hardcore party anthems a band can create. A record with yet another impressive and distinct list of collaborations featuring some of hardcore’s greatest from the now and legends from the past such as Freddy Cricien, CIV, Eddie Leeway, Jamey Jasta and Armand from Sick Of It All, to name only a few. Thirteen brand new tracks that will shake the fundaments of the hardcore, metal and punk scene!!!

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