The Hangmen release long-awaited new studio material in March


Punk-rockabilly trio The Hangmen release long-awaited new studio material in March on vinyl and download.

The cult UK-band’s long-travelled international collision course to oblivion landed them again within earshot of recording equipment in 2016 (and someone reckless enough to turn it on). This alignment borne the three-track EP, ‘Necronomicon’.

Summoning part of an ever-expanding original repertoire to shatter the occasion, the new release offers a glimpse into the current state of the rock & roll band’s dark and wild sound. It complimenting a discography of eight albums, a handful of other EPs and several compilation appearances over the past 25 years.

In homage to the movie ‘Evil Dead’, the title track ‘Necronomicon’ takes the horrorbilly-punk association a disturbed step or three further than most.

But the song and accompanying video offer more than just another horror movie-themed rock ‘n’ roll track, as the band deliver a frantic composition and twisted visuals that mirror the rollercoaster-ride-to-madness experience of the cult terrorfest that inspired them.

Available on limited edition 10″ vinyl as well as download, additional tracks ‘Collarbomb’ and ‘The Great Brain Robbery’ serve to assure that the band’s insanity prevails and still rocks in readiness for the next full length studio album, currently in progress.

The Hangmen are for the no-frills ‘Play Loud’ crowd, regulars on the international psychobilly scene and punk scenes, but set are apart by a knack for never repeating themselves (or anyone else) and a distinctive sound so raw that it attracts bacteria.

Play this and run…

Pre-order here:

The EP ‘Necronomicon’ is released on Moon Skull Records March 11 2017 on limited edition 10” vinyl (Cat.# HANG10) and digital download (Cat.# HANG10DL).

The limited edition 10″ vinyl version is available to pre-order now and comes with free instant gratification download of the title track, followed by free downloads of the remaining tracks on the release date.After pre-orders, the next available copies of the vinyl record will be on sale at Bedlam Breakout Psychobilly Festival in Northampton, England, when the band performs there on the Saturday night (March 11 2017) of the event.

The download-only version will be available from the usual major online outlets.

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