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Fat Mike has great news to report from across the pond:

Things I learned going to Ireland: Don’t order Bushmills in Dublin.  Don’t order Jameson in Belfast.  Don’t drink too much on the ferry, or too little, cuz either way, you will get sick.

Oh, this is the important news: the NOFX record comes out today.  What’s more important is that it will be priced under $10 in every store in North America.  This is not a sale.  This is how much this CD costs, and not only that, but EVERY CD on Fat Wreck Chords will now be under $10 and most will be under $8.

No, we are not crazy.  We just think that having a very low CD price is a fair way for scene supporting music fans to support their favorite independent bands and labels.  Sound crazy?  I think it sounds reasonable.  We make less profit, but bands hopefully will sell more CDs to more people, which is why we started doing this in the first place.

Ok, I’m off the ferry now, but still seasick.  I think this whole island might be floating.



NOFX have your coffee table in mind today with the release of their 12th full length studio record, Coaster. Not only will Coaster protect your favorite end table from that offending gin and juice cocktail, but music is also included! That’s 12 brand new songs to sip that drink to.

And for all you athletic types, the record is also available on a vinyl 12” Frisbee! Who’s up for a game of golf? Frisbee golf that is. Wheeeee!

Stream the entire record on here.
Download “The Quitter” and “Creeping Out Sara” from Coaster right now.
Watch a live interview and performance by NOFX at MySpace’s Transmission session here.
Make your own “Creeping Out Sara” music video, submit it to NOFX’s contest right here and win a bunch of free NOFX shit.
NOFX are currently finishing up their European tour with The Flatliners & Pour Habit.  Make sure to check out their summer Warped Tour dates and Fall tour in Australia and New Zealand with Bad Religion right here.


2 thoughts on “NOFX – Coaster Out Today”

  1. NOFX has a tendency of putting out music that is hit or miss, either very good or just not worth the money. I would have to say that Coaster is one of their hits and well worth checking out. Their last album that I enjoyed was errorism with all the releases in between being basically flops that were not inspiring what so ever.

    I’m pretty glad that they did such a good job on this album, it has pretty much sealed my decision of going to the warped tour this year since NOFX is one of the biggest headliners this year.

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