Thumper – Songs from the Grave

(c)1998 Jump Up Records

The first impression that I got from this CD was the same as the final impression that it left me with–mediocre. Though this CD was recorded 8 and 7 years earlier than released, it is very possible that they have improved dramatically in their respective projects if at all. There is no place in the insert where you can find out just who is playing what and when (quite possibly for a reason.) This is a combination of two previously released discs, Rabbit Wreaking Havoc (1991) and Another Day (1993.) Thumper just may be Steve Vai does Ska. Definitely a metal overtone to a majority of these songs. The vocalist seems to be struggling a good amount of the time, and the guitars seem to me to be very, very metal (Call me crazy but I like ugly distortion or straight clean guitars.) Their horn section sounds like it just may have been recruited from the local high school’s second chair (although there are a few good arrangements.) As an added bonus, some drunk guy managed to stumble on this CD and scratched the hell out of it making it impossible to review songs 11 through 18. Thanks, but I think I’ll pass on this one.

–Phil Lousy