PEARS – Go to Prison


(c) 2015 Fat Wreck Chords

pearsDamn! PEARS “Go to Prison” is the best, most intense, and my favoritist new release since maybe the Classics of Love “Walking in Shadows” EP.

Barreling straight at you out of the Crescent City, this hardcore punk rock unit is down with intensity and rapidity.

I’ll have to check my references, but I believe it was something on the order of eight weeks (nope, it was totally five) from formation to this albums release on Fat Wreck Chords. I understand the label’s interest. The band has chops, guts, the energy of Suicide Machines (minus the ska), hardcore intensity, and some hooks like NOFX.

I’ll cut this short for now, because I’m into the whole brevity thing. This album rules. It’s my current new favorite. It’s a whipped up mix of punk and hardcore to the benefit of both genes. Frankly I’m a bit jealous that my band didn’t have its shit together like PEARS.

I’d have given this a perfect 10, but it’s about two tracks to short to make the full drive to work. … Maybe I should live closer. Read on if you want the full press release.

Jerry Actually

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Beastfest 2015


Lineup everyone and get your tickets to an all-day hardcore event in Secaucus, NJ.

Beast Entertainment, the fine folks who have been bringing badass shows to your doorsteps all this year, present Beastfest 2015. This is the first of a hopefully annual hardcore music showcase at the Blue Room in Secaucus, NJ. Here’s a lowdown on the showdown:

Knuckle Up!
Doomsday Mourning
Binary Code
Me With Creeps
Silence Equals Death
Low Road
Strength Through Suffering
No Fucking Chance
Full Scale Riot
Under the Red Hood
Hope It Dies
The Dead Drop

The Blue Room
201 Secaucus Rd.
Secaucus, NJ

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

3:30 PM

$10 in advance
$12 at the door



Beast Entertainment NJ

Heads Held High – Dogs and Cats, Living Together


© 2010 Failsafe Records

Because I’m so disorganized as of late, I’m not only running behind on reviews, but losing bios and other materials. At least I didn’t lose the CD, right? At whatever rate, I present to you Heads Held High, a melodic hardcore band hailing from Cincinnati, OH. Turns out they are actually from Cleveland. My apologies. (at least the interwebs indicate as such) Dogs and Cats, Living Together is their new release, out now on Failsafe Records (not that I could find them on the Failsafe site)

Dogs and Cats, Living Together is 10 tracks of melodic yet rhythmic hardcore punk with a mid-fast tempo and angsty growling, yet articulate vocals. It isn’t quite hardcore in the sense of SOIA or Blood for Blood. As opposed to the initial punch in the face, it is more the linger pain as the bruises heal. At the time of recording, the band’s lineup consisted of Elliot, Jack, David, Kevin and Rob. The album related feats of these mono-named entities shall remain unknown.

The tracks tend towards guitar riff oriented with overlayed talk/sing vocals in a manner that reminds me of a more aggressive Bouncing Souls meets Hogan’s Heros, with the exception of track 9, Van on Fire, Head Hurt which has more of a jangly sing-a-long road track sound. Track length is quick with all 10 clocking in at just under 23 minutes. There are pithy movie sound clips on many tracks including personal favorite, track 5, Groundhog Day. (I’ll just bet you guess what movie gets referenced.) The lyrics are philosophical and searching. While I rarely comment on lyrics, I appreciate the thought and emotion that goes into work that seeks deeper meaning. That said, open your ears when you listen to Dogs and Cats, Living Together

Overall, a decent release. I generally prefer things more anthemic. (see track 9) I’d like a few more tunes in that flavor, but maybe I’m not singing along, ’cause I just haven’t read the words enough. I would absolutely see these guys live.

–Jerry Actually

1. Refurbished Kids
2. I’m Probably Wasting My Breath, But?
3. Ex Machina
4. Waiting for the Barbarians
5. Groundhog Day
6. Dear Kilgore Trout
7. Live Average, Die Average
8. Stay Mad, Stay Outrage, Stay Puft!
9. Van on Fire, Head Hurt
10. This Too Shall Pass