The Pietasters – Awesome Mix Tape #6

(c) 1999 Hellcat Records

Set aside special time each day during which you devote your time to this precious record. The Pietasters are back again with their new studio release “Awesome Mix Tape #6” (out August 3rd on hellcat) What is it about The Pietasters that just grabs my soul and whips it around and won’t let go? I’ll be damned if I can pinpoint it, but something about this seven piece Ska band from DC just makes me feel allright. Ever since I saw them the first time, opening for the Bosstones, I was hooked. They had an intense quality and a drinking Irish East Coast Swagger. None of this is lost on the new release. I have heard a lot of negativity from people after Willis came out, bitching that it wasn’t as good as ooolooloo. Damn them I say, The Pietasters are a brilliant band with amazing musicianship that comes across even better live. On the new release they weave a exciting blend of traditional ska, dub, reggae and soul with the occasional punkesque guitar, combined with clever even if somewhat chauvanistic lyrics. the effect as a whole creates an album not only worthy of the 4 “ups” I gave it, but an album that gets better every time you play it (if your not convinced, refer to the first sentence.)

–Jerry Actually


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