PAMA Intl. [Float Like a Butterfly]

PAMA International – Float Like a Butterfly (c) 2005 Asian Man Records Wow! Great stuff. Full review coming soon — ok as promised. Pama International what a clever band; I was, dare I say, anticipatory when I heard tale of a new release from a band comprised of previous member of Madness, The Specials, Special Beat and the Paul Weller Band. When “Float Like a Butterfly” arrived in my mail I was very excited, until I played the CD that is. I felt let down. I expected to be immediately blown away. Little did I know the power that lay dormant in this clever little multi-layer plastic and aluminum timebomb. It apparently was set to go off in about 2 weeks time. I kept listening and listening and the songs were running through my head. I must admit, I was wrong right out of the gate, but I have come around. “Float Like a Butterfly” is a masterful creation by legends of the art. Don't hesitate; buy it now. If you don't like it, give it a few weeks. It will grow on you like a plague, I swear. Actually

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