Dr. Kilpatient

Dr. Kilpatient – Some Old Fashioned Maladies (c) 2004 Dr. KilpatientI suppose the best term coming to the top of my mind right now is spatial. Having spilled coffee all over the CD, I will give the best account I can, by memory alone. In order to pigeon-hole things, which is something I love, the Dr. is oft reminiscent of Mr. Bungle. I think fans and enemies of either outfit would probably agree. Mrs. !upstarter found it to be similar to one of her least favorite acts, Ramogasm, though I would have to disagree. The lyrics are clever though often too reliant on obvious rhyme schemes and the music for all intents and purposes is electronic, cosmic and largely disjointed. Incidentally, the logo, when viewed upside down, appear to spell “audiofuckup”. Take that for what it's worth. If your like you music best enjoyed while chemically enhanced or otherwise mentally impaired, come on, give Dr. Kilpatient a shot.www.drkilpatient.comJerry Actually

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