Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake – In With The Out Crowd (c) 2006 Sire RecordsFor all of you out there anxiously awaiting the new Less Than Jake release, "In With The Out Crowd", save your money. Less Than Jake has finally become the definition of their name. The pre-release CD that I was sent is so fucking encrypted that it wont even play on my PC. If they can't trust the people that are giving their bands press, why do the labels even bother to send anything at all? The CD works fine in the home and car stereo and guess what, it sounds like Less Than Jake, only less than. Ha! get it — less than. Seriously though Johnny Quest should have saved his opinion until more recently. "In With The Out Crowd" contains 12 tracks of radio pop friendly ska tinged songs that are trying to hard to still seem edgy. I hope that this CD was meant to fulfill a poorly considered contract, because if this is serious, I'm done listening.

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