Mad Sin

Mad Sin – Dead Moon’s Calling (c) 2006 Sailor’s Grave RecordsI have no idea how Mad Sin has slipped under my radar for so long. It wasn’t until Mrs. !upstarter came home w/ a copy of “Survival of the Sickest” about a year ago that I had even heard of the 4 piece Psychobilly act. In my defense, they are from all the way over in Germany. “Dead Moon’s Calling” is Mad Sin’s newest full length release soon to be out on Sailor’s Grave Records and it is definitely true to their ballsy bluesy dark and furious psychobilly sound. Special guests on the new disc include Lars from Rancid and Patricia from Horropops. Mad Sin also has a new guitar player on the roster. For private reasons Tex had to leave the band–on good terms of course–Tex has been replaced with Mad Pete 1, formerly known as Nekropete of Nekromantix fame. “Dead Moon’s Calling” packs in 21 tracks at just under 50 minutes. They cover the speed spectrum of a fevered frenzy on “Fuel for Brains” and “Brand New Gun” to the lonesome longing sound of “Gone Forever” and the hauntingly sinister sounds of “Houdini’s Pool” Mad Sin is one bad ass car race to the end of a cliff at the wrong end of a broken bottle all covered in hot rod flames and jailhouse tattos. This is Psychobilly at its finest.Mad Sin has also embarked on their long awaited US tour. Check their site for details.

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