Arpioni [Malacabeza]

Arpioni – Malacabeza (c) 2006 Mad Butcher RecordsFor nearly a decade and a half, Arpioni has been rockin' the Italian ska scene.  Malacabeza is their new release out now on Mad Butcher Records.  Though mostly bordering between traditional and 3rd wave ska, the disc offers 16 tracks in a wide variety of musical styles.  From the Northern Soul of the opening track Basta! right into a kind of swinging jazzy (a bit like Squirel Nut Zippers) number "Una Storia Disonesta".  There is even a polka-esqe track.  This is the first I've heard from Arpioni and I like what I hear.  Good fun ska and soul from Bergamo Italy.  Here's a link to their official site, check 'em out.  Arpioni  The site happens to be in Italian, but there is an English version for those of us what speaks that language.  World ska for the masses … making this world a better place. –Jerry Actually 

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