Peacocks – In Without Knockin’

(c)1999 Jump Up Records

Oh my God, these Swiss cats fucking rock. Punkabilly with a slight two-tone twist. This disc is not to be missed. If you don’t like it then you’re a DICK!. This CD is the second release from Switzerlands Rockabilly combo “Peacocks” In Without knocking left me wanting more and more and in bad need for a U.S. West Coast Tour. From the gritty Rockabilly of “You’re Not Better” to the silly acoustic of “Fleamarket” Peacock’s are a blast buy this album play it for your friends, play it for your mom. I’m taking these guy to the top of the stairs so get out of the way

–Jerry Actually

’09 – I apologize for the poor punctuation. I’m so going to see these guys in July.


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