Bombshell Rocks – Street Art Gallery

(c) 1999 Burning Heart Records

I get so innundated with punk rock music that sounds exactly like punk rock music sounds. It becomes very difficult to descern one band fron the next. They have to have something that stands out from the crowd, or they have to be really rockin’ when I’m drunk. Sweden’s Bombshell rocks are a slightly better than average punk band. don’t get me wrong I’m not being harsh. I like the CD. I’d play it for my friends in casual settings, and I’d bring it along on road trips if I had the room, butt… Heres how it is though, it’s like bottled water. There are umpteen bazillion brands of bottled water and each and everyone is wet and watery and just about the same. So anyway if you like punk rock in the style of mid career Rancid, Swinging Utters, Humpers etc… Get this CD. If that aint your bag, keep away.

–Jerry Actually


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