Trash Monsters – There’s a Rat in the Tunnel of Love

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[rating: 8/10]

trashmonstersI’ve been wanting to write up a review of this release for the past couple of weeks and just haven’t found the words. I still haven’t found them, but I figured that you probably shouldn’t miss out on a gem of a release just because I’ve got writer’s block. (or a severe mental deficiency) Never the less, I’m listening to “There’s a Rat in the Tunnel of Love” the sophomore release from OC’s Trash Monsters and it’s good.

As I mentioned, the band hails from Orange County and offers a blend of punk, rock and a slight hint of pop. The influences are almost too far ranging to pick up on. I hear hints of Swingin’ Utters, Rancid, Cheap Trick, and The Cure. There’s plenty more where that came from, all washed down with a health dose of swagger. (I don’t quite know what an unhealthy dose would be. Maybe cutting tracks with the Old Spice guy would be too much.)

The 15 tracks on the release tend to run a bit long for my short attention span, but they are catchy, diverse, and well constructed to the point that boredom doesn’t set in. The pace varies a bit throughout, from mid-tempo slow on track 6, “This City” to the more breakneck pace of track 8, “I Hate Everything”. Overall the effect works.

Bottom line is that this band rocks it! Check them out or forever go ignorant at your peril.

–Jerry Actually

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