The Gozerians – Squatter EP


(c) 2010 The Gozerians

Charming yet quirky, a bit rough around the edges and the kind of attitude that only comes from the suburbs. That is roughly what I’d say if someone asked me I thought about The Gozerians new EP, Squatter. Ok really I wouldn’ answer a direct question in that manner. People would likely think that I’m more of an asshole than they already do. What I would really say is, “They’re pretty cool. Punk rock kinda like Guttermouth only a bit more melody oriented.”

I don’t know necessary if that is apt or not, but a five song sampling isn’t the world to go on. Perhaps a bit about the band will help you cement your own opinion. The band originally formed in 2009, comprised of in-laws and friends, all veterans of the local punk rock scene. The band commenced to jigglin’ After the summer of ‘09 and a struggle to find the right lead guitar player, the band opted instead to rock forward as a three piece. Frankly I’m a fan of the trio format. It’s like you’re totally equipped to do nothing but rock, dig?

Ok, for reals, final note. I quite enjoy Squatter. The tracks are peppy and short. The songs overall are catchy and fun, albeit a bit on the juevenile side, but hey what the hell isn’t these days. If’n you’re in the great St. Louis, MO area, go out of your house and check out The Gozerians. Enjoy. In that order.

-Jerry Actually

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