The Adicts – Life Goes On


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I have to admit that I’m not terribly familiar with The Adicts at all. Sure I’ve seen their logo safety pinned to the backs of countless punk rock jackets. I even know them well enough to identify them by their Clockwork Orange style. I’m sure I’ve heard plenty of their material on comps and over the PA before shows, however this is the first CD that I’ve actually sat down and listened to; Better late than never, right?

As I’m sure you all know well more than I about the band, I’ll skip the drudgery of the last 30 some years and get straight to the fresh meat. Life Goes On is a 13 track peppy catchy punk rock dish that keeps interesting and lively throughout. And while I’m admittedly a bit in the dark about the band, I can certainly tell you that it is refreshing for a band that has been playing punk rock for as many decades as The Adicts to not have watered it down.

The majority of the tracks on Life Goes On will have you singing along. Some of my personal favs for the sing along bits are tracks 3. Reaky Deaky Boys & Girls and 4. I’m Not Scared of You. Honestly, its a pretty decent disc altogether. Its chock filled with quirky and somewhat sophomoric punk rock and albeit a bit on the cartoonish side, it still has the maturity of a band that has been at it for this long. My one gripe is track 12. Mr. Hard. Every time I hear it I just can’t stop thinking that it should be about Michael Caine instead. … oh well they can’t all be songs about Michael Caine.

–Jerry Actually

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