The Cast Outs [S/T EP]

The Cast Outs – S/T EP (c) 2006Cleveland's Cast Outs come correct.  Their self-titled EP is a 7 track, dark and gritty punk dirge.  The Cast Outs bring elements of early crossover (for those of you out there that think that crossover refers to crap like NuMetal … you couldn't be more wrong) along with the unusual addition of dense heavy keyboards to the sound.  The disc is raw, but it has grit and substance.  What could easily have been just another garage band transcends to a new level with quality riffs and well layered arrangements.  Their sound becomes even more intricate if you consider that they operate as a three piece.  Though claiming influence from the likes of Napalm Death and NOFX, I think they may have forgotten to include TSOL and Econochrist in that list.  The bottom line is raw punk that holds plenty of promise.–Jerry Actually 

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