The Agency [Turn]

The Agency – Turn (c) 2007 Perch Records I'm scared.  I really am.  The massive resurgence of the sounds of the 70's and early 80's is naturally (or perhaps supernaturally) progressing in what I consider to be a negative direction.  Let's take, for instance, The Agency.  They kick off a vibe somewhere between Supertramp and Night Ranger or Lover Boy.  Well, I say turn me loose, 'cause when you try to bridge that kind of gap you bound to end up in the anachronistic and perilous path of the mellow gold.  Some of you out there may know what I'm talking about.  The horrid drivel of mid-late 70's adult contemporary.  When it comes to the point where bands are starting to sound like Andy Gibb or Johnny "Slow Dancin'" Rivers–holy crap–man, I want out!  In all fairness The Agency has a decent pedigree, featuring members of Dashboard Confessional and Seville, and I'm not saying that they are all bad.  I'm just saying that if your into it, maybe you should look into getting some new shag carpet and a disco ball for the ceiling of your bitchin' conversion van.–Jerry Actually 

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