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senior_discount_not_the_end1,000 years ago today I reviewed a CD by a band out of Providence Rhode Island. You might remember that band. I think they were called Senior Discount? Well, a similarly long time ago, I received a package in the mail. Lo and behold, a new release from the said same band. Also they totally bribed me with a sweet band t-shirt. (I’ve totally already been crazy hammered whilst wearing said t-shirt) Swag aside I present to you “This Is Not The End” a brand new (in relative terms) release from Senior Discount

The new disc spins up 10 regularly scheduled tracks and 2 bonus acoustic versions. The material is as solid this time around as it ever was. Over the years the band has developed an obvious maturity, in a similar fashion to the transition from 7 Seconds to Kevin Seconds solo material. It’s been a lot of years since I last heard this band, so I don’t have full recollection of the prior material, but I recall it being serious and sincere as well as being damn good punk (with some nice ska influence). This Is Not The End doesn’t break from that impression. If anything, things are more serious and sincere.

As I’ve said I don’t have much recollection of the material from my last review, but I get the haunting impression that some of the new tracks are actually new versions of old songs. Maybe the bands is just consistent. Oh, and speaking of Kevin Seconds, my favorite tracks on the disc are 5. Your Broken Stereo and 6. Cindy. Give them a listen and tell me what they remind you of. I think my only point of contention with the disc is the band’s cover of Three Little Birds. It’s not a bad cover mind you, there’s just something in this rendition that feels off. I don’t know maybe it’ll grow on me.

At the end of the day, I’m happy that Senior Discount are still putting out tunes. They’re a great band and you owe yourself to track them down and listen to them. To that end the internet is a major help. Here’s their Facebook page: and their website

I should add that this release also came with a bonus DVD copy of the Chuck and Brad podcast which I have yet to listen too. I should probably do that.

–Jerry Actually

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