Headspins – Spinister


Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

© 2013 Headspins

headspins-spinisterHere’s a fun little rocker from the mean streets of Chicago. (or rather maybe the poppy and arty streets) Spinister the debut album by Headspins snaps out 11 quality tracks of really peppy rock and roll in the no-frills necessary manner that only trios seem to be able to muster. This isn’t to say that the music lacks variance or range. The band gets a major boost of sonic diversity by splitting vocal duties between the ⅔ male, ⅓ female cast (in addition to some guests)

The tracks are clearly rock and roll, but there’s an unmistakable punk, surf and alt-rock quality to them all, ranging from Pixies and Primitive vibes to near Tom Waitsesque vocal stylings, all along making me think of the Go-Gos joining forces with The Groovy Ghoulies. The lyrics are clever, “I gave her cash. I gave her more. She spent it all like a drunk sai-lor”, for example. I’m on my second round of listening and I’m damn pleased to say that this release is fun and I’m proabably going to have it one rotation for the next few weeks.

I’m on break from my day job at the moment, so I’m going to keep this brief and say that if you like poppy fun rock and roll, you should take a listen to Spinister by Headspins. I know that I look forward to hearing more of them. headspinsrock.com

–Jerry Actually

1. My Way or the Highway 02:47
2. Fallen Down 02:10
3. Star of the Show 02:53
4. Broken Man 02:46
5. Don’t Worry 01:55
6. Miner 05:36
7. Headspins Go! 02:39
8. Paper Street 02:32
9. Keep It Forever 04:51
10. Problematic Tendencies 02:37
11. Anxiety 04:15

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