Good Riddance – Capricorn One

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I’ll admit that I’m not super familiar with Good Riddance. Ok, sure I know who they are. I have a couple discs but I was never that into them. From this singles collection that I’m listening to right now, I’m thinking that I have been quite remiss. Capricorn One is some seriously sweet punk rock that spans a career that I intend to spend more time looking into. The earlier more hardcore material easily evolves into the tighter more articulate punk rock that I am more familiar with.

My lack of familiarity notwithstanding, Capricorn One dishes up 21 track of to-the-point punk rock and leaves you wanting more. I’d like to note, however, that this disc, thankfully doesn’t leave me wanting more of a “Phenomenon of Craving” … not my favorite Good Riddance.

At any rate, if you’re a fan, get this. If you’re not a fan, start.

-Jerry Actually

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