Promises – Hopeless Sons

(c) 2010 Pee Records

Queensland, Australia’s Promises have only been playing together as a band since January 2010, but have still managed to get into the studio, and get signed to a label. This, their first EP, was written and recorded in two months. A week after they’d finished recording, they were signed by independent label, Pee Records.

Right from the beginning it’s clear this isn’t going to be true, old-school hardcore. Realistically, it’s metal- whether the band or the fans like it or not, that’s the truth. Yeah they’ve got the image right, but their sound is nothing like the original heroes of hardcore.

As soon as the vocals kick in on opener ‘No Story Left Untold’, the thing that strikes you is Zaca’s, unusual style. Though it’s not unusual in a good way. He seems to struggle in between the traditional hardcore scream/growl and normal, albeit angry, singing. It becomes unbearable at times, with the voice changing so frequently, with each word comes the ups and downs of growls and singing.

Then there’s ‘Flint Soles’. Only certain bands can pull off really short songs (Agnostic Front’s ‘Victim in Pain’ or Good Riddance and their ‘Overcoming Learned Behaviour’ for example) and even they aren’t as short as this one. It’s not even like it carries on into the next song, or is an outtro to the one before it- it’s just 19 pointless thrashy seconds.

Instrumentally, they’re adequate. Just the typical (so called) hardcore, nothing out of the ordinary.

The drastically varying track lengths add to the disappointment of this CD too. It’s so hard to tell whether this is meant to be heavy, fast hardcore, or verbose metalcore, it’s like even the band don’t know.

Unfortunately, this type of music is becoming increasingly popular the world over, with scene (destroying) kids thinking they know decent music, when they really don’t. If you’re a fan of real hardcore (Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All or even Black Flag, etc.) stay clear of this band.


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