Trustkill band Soldiers to release new CD in 2009

Long Island’s SOLDIERS are feverishly writing for their follow up album to 2008’s “End Of Days”. Singer and songwriter Rick Jiminez checked in with Trustkill to say, “We’ve had some time this spring and summer between the activity of all of our other bands and started writing some new shit. It’s been a while since we had written and released “End Of Days” so we approached this from a totally refreshed perspective. The stuff is still as pissed and frustrated as ever.”

Speaking more specifically on some new songs, Rick said, “The past year and a half have built up quite a bit of cynicism and rage in me and the music also reflects that. “Black Scar” is a new song that switches the perspective of how I usually approach a song. Instead of focusing my attention towards how I observe others and their actions, I’ve used the song to express what I’ve become because of the filth I see and am sometimes forced to be surrounded by.”

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