The Bay Area’s busiest pop punk heroes, Set Your Goals will release their highly anticipated new album, Burning At Both Ends on June 28th via Epitaph Records.  Produced by Brian McTernan, the album features thirteen powerful tracks available now for pre-order at Check out their newest song “Exit Summer” here.

Back in full force, Set Your Goals will keep the momentum going with the follow-up to their infectious and dynamic album, This Will Be The Death of Us. Duel vocalists Matt Wilson and Jordan Brown’s flawless delivery on the opening track “Cure For Apathy” captures the SYG sound and energy we know so well as they trade off singing duties. “Certain,” a soon to be fan favorite, highlights Joe Saucedo’s solid bass lines with passionate lyrics and engaging guitar solos.

Keeping it real for die hard fans, Burning At Both Ends has a definitive Set Your Goals sound with their energetic, head-bobbing riffs and gang vocals while staying completely fresh with sing-along choruses and lyrics everyone can relate to.  The album delivers with the fast and hard-hitting track, “Trenches”  that showcases Dan Coddaire and Audelio Flores’  catchy melodies  and guitar riffs.  “Exit Summer,” brings back 90’s hardcore with a melodic twist, an irresistible combination.  SYG finishes the album with  “Not As Bad” where  Mike Ambrose demonstrates his tightknit drumming with crazy fills on top of pleasant harmonies – a great way to close out the album.

Don’t miss your chance to see one of the most energized performances of the summer as Set Your Goals will hit the road for the entire Vans Warped Tour this year.

CD Track Listing:

  1. Cure For Apathy– 2:22
  2. Start The Reactor– 2:42
  3. Certain– 3:02
  4. Happy New Year– 3:16
  5. London Heathrow– 2:59
  6. Trenches– 3:03
  7. The Last American Virgin– 3:07
  8. Exit Summer– 2:25
  9. Unconditional– 3:26
  10. Product Of The 80’s– 2:42
  11. Raphael– 3:12
  12. Illuminated Youth– 2:48
  13. Not As Bad– 18:53

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