Tom Page Trio – Dust Bowl Demos part 1


(c)2010 Tom Page Trio

This demo from Wichita KS country/blues/other act goes a bit outside the scope of what I generally review, so I apologize in advance if I step on too many toes.

Dust Bowl Demos part one features 5 tracks of guitar (ala namesake Tom Page) driven folksy/bluesy/rock tinged country. The first 3 penned by page with the trailing two being attributed as “traditional” It reminds me considerably of Townes Van Zandt / Guy Clark style Southwest Texas rambling cowboy music especially on the opening track, Alpine. The guitar work is impressive in quality and range and the rhythm section backs the solid lead ably.

The tracks are a mix of both instrumental and with vocals. The vocals have a unique quality for the musical stylings. I almost want to draw a comparison to either John Linnell or John Flansburgh, but I can’t quite decide which; maybe both.

At any rate, a decent demo and I’m glad to see that the Wichita music scene is alive and keeping and keeping it real to its roots.

-Jerry Actually

For fans of: Townes Van Zandt, TMBG, Lowsome wailing cowboy songs.

1. Alpine
2. Walk All Over Me
3. Spicy Tomato Puree
4. Nobody’s Fault
5. G Boogie

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