Get Aggravated With The New Album From Surf Rock Masters The Coffin Daggers!


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Get Aggravated With The New Album From Surf Rock Masters The Coffin Daggers!
Los Angeles, CA – New York’s premiere instrumental surf punk band returns with a brand new album of insanely catchy grooves and hip-shaking rhythms that are sure to get the hep cats dancing in the aisles! Aggravatin’ Rhythms, The Daggers third full-length album since 2002, ain’t your daddy’s surf rock, though the group certainly bares the influence of seminal surf legends, Dick Dale and Link Wray. But The Coffin Daggers deliver a more modern, punk-inspired brand of surf heard best on tracks such as the rollicking “Instigator,” the spooky “Sinister Urge,” or the bluesy swagger of “Concussion.” All of those tracks and more can be heard on Aggravatin’ Rhythms, will be available on both CD and on groovy green vinyl starting February 12 courtesy of Cleopatra Records!
Founding member and lead guitarist for The Coffin Daggers Viktor Venom hails from the vaunted East Coast ‘80s punk scene as a founder of crust punk band Nausea as well as a previous turn as bass player for Reagan Youth. Venom is joined by keyboardist extraordinaire and rhythm guitarist Rob Morrison, bassist Peter Klarnet and drummer Pete Martinez. Together this quartet are simply one of the most unique groups around. Speaking about the new album, bassist Klarnet declares, “We decided to go all out with this LP, so we recorded it over 16 tracks on 2 inch tape at Metrosonic Studios in Brooklyn—resulting in a deep, lush sound. It’s certainly not the cheapest way to record these days, but we all firmly believe that if you’re going to record something for posterity, it might as well be the highest quality possible. The proof of course is in the final product which we believe is our finest effort to date.” Previous releases by the band have been praised by Guitar Player who observed that Venom “moves proceedings beyond mere era emulation by unleashing a rude and vicious riff that would have made Link Wray smile.” Meanwhile, the group’s live performances have floored both European and American audiences from start to finish, prompting Chart magazine to declare “no one comes close to The Coffin Daggers when it comes to all-out intensity…they will stomp a mudhole into your fragile minds.”
A release party for Aggravatin’ Rhythms is planned for February 19 at the Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn with special guests Black Flamingos and a rare performance by the legendary Purple K’nif!
Track List:
1. Aggravatin’ Rhythms
2. Instigator
3. Ghost Train
4. The Sinister Urge
5. Uprising!
6. The Spy
7. Kreepy Krawl
8. Wake Up Screaming
9. Three Blue Stars
10. Concussion
11. Head One
12. Side Arm
13. Five-Five
14. The Thing

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