Getting To Know Tarah Who?

Where are you from and when did you get started?

Tarah G. Carpenter (Vocals, Guitar)
Matthew Peltcher (Bass)

MP: I was born in Los Angeles California. I’ve been playing music since I was very young. We had a music teacher bring different instruments every week to class and eventually I got to play trumpet in the school band. In high school, I was hanging out with a big group of friends at lunch and they were like “Hey! We should all form a band! That would be so cool!” We got so excited, we started shouting out which instruments we were going to play. In the end, the only two that actually formed a band from that group was my best friend and myself.

TGC: I am from Paris, France. I started playing music when i was 14. I wanted to learn the drums but no one really supported for this instrument so I started teaching myself. I moved to Kentucky when i was 15 and i couldn’t play the drums ( I played percussion in Murray High School Band though..) so i taught myself the guitar. When I returned to France, to finish my baccalauréat I joined two bands. One, in which i played the drums and another one in which I was playing the bass. Secretly, I wrote songs on the guitar. I moved to LA when I turned 21, I didn’t have a band but I wanted to play. I found an ad on craigslist: ” looking for talented singer songwriters to play in a warehouse”. I can still picture it. I actually wish I could find such an event for us today! Anyway, I went? It was my first performance as a singer-guitar player. I had a lot of positive feedback so I kept on doing it. 11 years later.. I am still doing it!

Who are you and who does what in the band?

MP: I’m the bass player and backing vocals. Tarah writes the music and the rest of us contribute.

TGC: I am Tarah, founder of Tarah Who?. I write the songs (music and lyrics).

How would you best describe the sound?

MP: Our sound can have some grunge, punk, rock or even metal sounds depending on the song. We aren’t looking for any particular sound. We just write what sounds good to us. You can definitely expect a very loud performance at a Tarah Who? Show.

TGC: This is very well described! Not much to add here.. We’re very simple in sound. Plug in and play. we’re loud, energetic, we like to scream and make you scream! We love to entertain!
I grew up listening to 90 ‘s rock music, and i was a big Alanis fan. So I am pretty sure there is some Alanis in my writing (singer-songwriter) then I discovered the Foo fighters and I was a huge fan! And then, I discovered the Distillers. And outside of having a big crush on Brody, I thought they sounded amazing;) wait, does that make sense?

So Tarah Who? sounds like Alanis, kept Taylor on the drums but switched her guitar player with Brody and Tony, meets Courtney Love just because she’s hanging out! (I may have had a Moscow Mule or two…)

Dream rock moment (real or not)?

MP: Touring Europe. Let’s make that dream a reality. 😉

TGC: Easy peasy Matt! We’ll make it happen, don’t you worry:) I am not sure that I understand the question… Have I had a dream Rock moment? what is a dream rock moment?!!Wait I am confused..

Well.. let me tell you a little story instead.. once upon a time, I go to my rehearsal space in North Hollywood with my dog, Boogie who takes a dump. I pick it up, because i am a good citizen.. (Or I think I am..) I look up and someone says Hi! and it is Jack Black. The End.

Still got day jobs?

MP: Yes. Next question?

TGC: Got to do what you gotta do!

Any regrets?

MP: No. What purpose do regrets have besides making you feel like shit? Regrets are a big waste of time and the sooner you realize it the better. I’m done with my PSA now.

TGC: Sometimes… missed opportunities. When i don’t dare to ACT when i get THE chance. I hesitate for too long and then the moment is gone. Then i am pretty upset at myself for not daring.. I am getting better…I think… but yeah.. That’s the kind of regret I have.

Find out more about the band here.

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