Getting To Know Demi The Daredevil!

Where are you from and when did you get started?

We are from El Paso, Texas and we started jamming ten years ago in high school. But, after some tragic events, we didn’t start taking this seriously until 2015.

Who are you and who does what in the band?

Im Jeff Azar, I sing and play the keys. Marc plays the guitar. Matt and Gabriel play the drums. We play with backtracks, with a few programmed instruments in them.

How would you best describe the sound?

Queen meets Chicago meets Genesis if you’re an oldie. A newie, you could say twenty one pilots meets Panic! at the Disco meets My Chemical Romance. We have punk roots but this music has a slightly more relaxed feel, and is a bit more composed. Art Pop Dark theater music with emo punk roots.

Dream rock moment (real or not)?

Dream rock moment…. a fantasy would be to open for Puddle of Mud or Mudvayne or Muddy Waters if he were still around. Marc’s in a band called Slop Musket which is would be cool. Cradle of Filth maybe. I’m on a dirty word tangent. Maybe I should rethink my dreams and go to the light. Yani, or Switchfoot or Enya maybe.

Still got day jobs?

Yes, yes still got a day job. I guess that’s the defining factor between hobby musician and a professional musician isn’t it. And right now we’re in the trenches. And until I quit my day job, no one around me will be 100% convinced of this project being a career for me.

Any regrets?

Yes. Do I ever. I know they say regrets are useless. And they are if you already understand the mistake. But it’s still hard not to think about them. For me it’s being caught up in negative relationships for so long. Wrong crowds. Wasted a lot of time trying to get on the same page as people who aren’t on the same path as me.

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