Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

Sierra Leone's Refuge All Stars – Livin Like A Refugee (c) 2007 Anti Records Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars make Reggae flavored World/Affrobeat music.  They are decent at what they do.  However, If you heard them in the background, you might not even pay that much attention.  They don't break any sonic barriers.  They aren't going to astound you with their radical new approach to music.  Why, you ask, should I even bother then? I'll tell ya there fella. The story is what makes them amazing.  11 musicians from in or around Freetown Sierra Leone, Africa, all living in a refugee camp in Guinea forge together and triumph over adversity.  Imagine being torn from your home and sent to a foreign land to live in makeshift camps, not knowing your fate from one day to the next and still having the time and wherewithal to come together as a group.  That is freaking awesome.  The rising above the pain and struggle through music.  It is the core and essence of humanity.  Plus, despite what I said at the top, this is a good disc.  It is musically apt and enjoyable to listen to, even if it isn't incredibly innovative.  So do the world a favor and say hello to your neighbors from Sierra Leone.–Jerry Actually