Skeleton Crew – Say It With Murder


© 2012 Sailor’s Grave Records


skeleton_crew_murderSome fresh new psychobilly just in time for the new year. Dublin Ireland’s Skeleton Crew has a brand new blast of sneering growling rock and roll for your delicate little ear drums. Say It With Murder rips out of the gates with a pace and ferocity that often times feels more hardcore than psycho, but the thumping double bass doesn’t let you forget for a second what the score is.

This act is a new one for me, and from what I gather a relative newcomer over all. Their new release busts out 14 tracks or hardcore ghoulish fun that will damn well impress any fans of the genre and will hopefully attract some hardcore and metal converts too. Even though this is my first taste to Skeleton Crew, the band leaves a hella good impression. I look forward to rocking the hell out of this in the future. If you don’t trust me, just let the track titles be your guide.

Here’s a video for a taste: Dead After Dawn
[youtube 1oCIzFcw1wQ]

01 Bob For Knives
02 Humble
03 Don’t Need Anybody
04 Gozira
05 City Of Woe
06 Dead After Dawn
07 Malnutrition
08 Human Brain
09 Dead My Sweetheart
10 Psycho Gikna
11 Skeleton Crew
12 State Of William
13 Rat Boy
14 Lycanthrophy

For Fans Of: Mad Sin, Demented Are Go, Misfits, Klingonz

–Jerry Actually