Sugar Louise – Everything’s Better With Sugar


© 2011 Naked Hollywood Records

So, I’m listening to Norwegian Pop-punk. Um, yeah, you read that right. Sugar Louise is a newer band from Norway. They’ve been around since 2009 and deliver a catchy, bono hating variety of happy poppy punk.

Everything’s Better With Sugar brings 12 up-tempo smile-inducing tracks. The songs clock in at mostly the twoish minute mark and are heavily influenced by 60’s pop. In fact, the influence is so pronounced that if you didn’t know it was a cover, Sugar Louise’s version of Henry the Eighth would feel like an original.

At any rate, the songs are quirky, catchy and incredibly likable. And while I like this band, there are a few drawbacks: 1. Guitar solos. 2. The music feels a little safe. (If you can write a song about telling your parents that you’ve become a porn star, I think there should be a bit more grit.) … My gripes are pretty minor though. Sugar Louise has a solid grip on peppy pop punk and are a great departure from the Black Metal that I generally expect from bands near and above the Arctic Circle.

Bottom line: Pop punk with a little more pop than punk. Likely a fun live band.

–Jerry Actually