Senior Discount

Senior Discount – There Were Four Who Tried (c) 2006 Senior Discount So just the other day I was thinking why aren't there any bands ever coming out of Rhode Island?  As it turns out I must have just been off of their radar, cause not too long after pondering this, I received "There Were Four Who Tried" from Senior Discount.  Lo and behold, they are straight out of Providence.  The disc offers up 16 tracks of eclectic punk, pop punk, ska(ish) punk and more punk.  The more I listen to this CD, the more I thoroughly enjoy it.  It has pop punk sensibility without all the emo sensitivity.  It also carries enough horns to please most fans of the thrid wave. Lyrically it is largely the antithesis of the traditional pop punk with lot sof rants and comical tongue in cheek coarseness. "There Were Four Who Tried" is a bang up job by Providence punks Senior Discount.  The bottom line is one kick ass record with more hooks than a pirate convention. Buy This CD Here – -Jerry Actually