Los Angeles, CA – SUZI MOON has just released her video for “Nuthin’ To Me” which can be seen exclusively over at GRIMY GOODS. The song comes from Moon’s critically acclaimed Call The Shots 3 song EP, the debut solo release for the former CIVET member and TURBULENT HEARTS frontwoman. The video, like her others, was self-directed and edited.

It is available to watch here:

“Nuthin’ To Me is a classic “fuck you” song about running into an ex-lover and realizing that they no longer hold a place in your heart. In fact, you can’t remember why you fell in love with them in the first place. It is one of those tunes that wrote itself in 10 minutes, the words & melody came pouring out of me. The chorus was so direct & straight to the point that I felt like there was no reason to add extra lyrics. I said what I needed to say. Repeating the hook over and over again continues to be a cathartic and empowering mantra,” says Moon.

The video, which once again showcases Moon’s directorial and editing chops, highlights her love for old B horror movies & weird burlesque videos from the 60s. “Visually, I knew I wanted a black & white video to reflect the mood of the song. I definitely see a story in there, others may see something completely different. It’s up for interpretation! I hope that viewers enjoy the weird, wild ride,” Moon adds.

Since the release of her debut EP to rave reviews, Moon is finally getting ready to hit the road. Moon and her crew will be playing songs from her EP plus a few more surprises!

Catch SUZI MOON live:
09/09/2021 – Philadelphia, PA – The Fire
09/10/2021 – Brooklyn, NY – Our Wicked Lady
09/11/2021 – Artemas, PA – Four Quarters – Camp Punksylvania

Find SUZI MOON online:

Civet – Hell Hath No Fury

(c) 2008 Hellcat Records
Rating: ★★★★☆

Civets are small, lithe-bodied, mostly arboreal mammals native to the tropics of Africa and Asia. Civet may also refer to the distinctive musk produced by the animal.

Hell Hath No Fury is the Hellcat Records debut from Civet, the hottest all-girl rock n’ roll band (both literally and figuratively) to erupt from the Los Angeles rock scene since Joan Jett and Lita Ford formed The Runaways.

I’m gonna let you decide which of the previous paragraphs you prefer, but whatever it was that created the CD I’m listening to certainly knows how to bring the rock. Part Zeke, part Distillers, all punk rock and roll. Hellcat records new artist Civet make gender no barrier to their swagger. The 13 tracks on their new disc are full of all the spit and vitriol that you’d expect from a Hellcat release and more. I also feel a bit obligated to mention that this quintet is also quite attractive, but I don’t want to backpeddle on women’s rights, so I wont. In all seriousness though, this is a fun disc well worth checking out. Personal favs include 2.) Son of a Bitch and 4.) All I want (written by Tim Armstrong) I look forward to more good music from Civet in the future.

–Jerry Actually