Zebrahead – Phoenix

Zebrahead – Phoenix (c) 2008 Icon MusicWow! someone forgot to take their ritalin. Orange County band Zebrahead brings your their fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and maybe eighth releases all on one disc. Ok ok maybe it is technically just their fourth release, but holy crap this disc is all over the place. Because of that I think that it suffers a severe identity crisis. Phoenix carries a sound that is nearly equal parts Rage Against the Machine, 311, Sugar Ray, P.O.D. and not so equal parts of bands so banal that I can’t remember them, only their typical nature. It leaves me to wonder who/what they are attempting to be. I’m not saying it is all bad, just not half good. The musicianship is top notch and the songs are performed admirably. They just don’t know what they want to accomplish sonically (or maybe I’m just not getting the point)… full of sound and fury signifying nothing perhaps. However, if you suffer from short attention span, then perhaps Zebrahead are just the ticket. Phoenix is so incongruous that you just might come away with a whole lot of new favorites.–Jerry Actually

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