Walls of Jericho – The American Dream

Walls of JerichoThe American Dream(c) 2008 Trustkill RecordsHere we are again. Metal; Brutal, ear drum splitting, spine bending metal rotates in the player before me. Walls of Jericho have it all if you are looking for an anathema to aggression. The music pounds. The riffs shred. The vocals growl. (Incidentally, singer Candace Kucsulain sounds like Patty and Selma combined, after both of which have been kicked in the throat.) That said, it would be mostly difficult for those unaware to detect that Walls of Jericho have a female lead “singer”. The American Dream fully kicks ass in a metal sort of way. The problem is that I just don’t feed on growling vocals. If they would drop the histrionics about 80% I could probably dig this band, but as it sits I grow weary of the razor’s edge growl on each and every song. (except the last track) But being that they hail from Detroit, I can see why they’re so damn pissed and far be it from me to dictate what kind of vocals you should appreciate. If snarl is your sort of thing, then by all means The American Dream f-ing rules. Seriously, I do like the music. I just can’t get past the vox.–Jerry Actually

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