The Pinstripes [Higer Ground]

The Pinstripes – Higher Ground (c)2006 The PinstripesWelcome to Cincinnati Ska, Pinstripes style.  Higher Ground, the new full length disc from Ohio ska outfit The Pinstripes shows some hard earned depth and maturity.  It has been a while since I reviewed the EP prior to this release and I have to say that I'm impressed with the growth both in musicianship and songwriting.  Vocals (mostly female fronted) and the horns are smoother.  The musical structure is more refined and the group is tighter as a whole. The Pinstripes are bringing some much need energy back to the lagging ska scene.  The songs range from quirky covers: "Walk like a Jamaican" and both political and socio-ethical concerns: "Immigration Song" and the re-released perennial favorite "Fast Food Economy.  Beyond that the band has toned down the youthful goofiness and schtick of the previous release.  They are learning the ropes of what works for the band and what does not.  Above all The Pinstripes, through dedication and continued effort, are a refreshing breath of air in the current stagnant rock star nightmare of todays music.{mos_sb_discuss:3}  –Jerry Actually 

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