Chris Murray – Raw

(c) 2002 Asian Man Records
[rating: 4.5/5]

I’ve said it previously. I’ll say it again. Chris Murray is a genius. Raw the new full length CD from Chris Murray will be out in late October and damn is it worth it. Venice Shoreline Chris proves to the world that all the high tech equipment that you can muster isn’t what it takes to make a great album. With softly understated brilliance and a depth of soul to overcome the most lo-fi of recording means, Raw shines in a way I didn’t know was possible.Tracks 1-13 were recorded on a portable cassette recorder and track 14, a live version of Rock Steady, was recorded with a portable DAT. Despite the audible differences in the recording means, the disc comes across impressively, as if Chris were playing right in front of you in your garage or basement.This time around Chris Murray has quite a few guest musicians, including some from The Specials Hepcat and Go Jimmy Go. The special guests only lend to my belief that Chris Murray is one of the greatest singer/song writers of the last decade. Give your musical horizon some expansion and get

–Jerry Actually

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