Slim Wray – Post No Bills


[rating: 8/10]

slim_wray_coverIt’s a rare stormy day here in San Diego. I’m kicking it on the sofa with my headphones on, listening to a new EP by the garage/surf act Slim Wray. If I had to to choose one word to describe this new release, (even a made up word) I’d go with “retrolicious.”

The new EP, eponymously titled “The Slim Wray EP” (As it turns out, this EP is actually entitled “Post No Bills”, but you try telling that to my media player du jour! Never the less, all else applies except where prohibited) provides six tracks of 60s flavored garage rock tinted with pop sensibilities akin to Neil Diamond, Tommy James, and The Monkees. The throwback aside you get modern quality recording (so the garage aspect must be by design) and a sound that is well balanced and engineered.

This release is a bit on the outside of my typical genre spectrum, but if you dig retro 60s pop rock, I suspect you’ll wanna check this one out.

The lightning is cutting through the sky outside my window. I can hear a slight rumble of thunder through the cans and rain hitting the concrete in the space in between the tracks. I’m gonna rock The Slim Wray EP out until the tracks end.

Jerry Actually

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