The Vandon Arms – No Loyalty Among Thieves

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vandon_armsDid you realize there was Celtic style “folk” punk coming outta Des Moines, IA? I sure didn’t. I’m rather pleased and completely taken by surprise with “No Loyalty Among Thieves”, a new release by The Vandon Arms.

The disc offers 13 tracks of mostly original (and original arrangements) of rollicking drunken barroom fare. I’m blasting it in the living right now and it sure is making these beers go down faster.

I’ll say this, the band is not paving new ground. If you wanted to, you could probably call them The Poguing Mollys. Don’t let that dissuade you though, because I don’t believe that paving a new way is their goal. The important part is the fun, and The Vandon Arms has that in spades.

Bottom line is that if you like celtic inspired tunes to drink and be rowdy to, and you’re tired of listening to the same releases that you’ve got laying around, then please do give “No Loyaly Among Thieves” a spin.

–Jerry Actually

For fans of: Pogues, Flogging Molly, The Tossers

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