The Johnny Five – Stay Black!


(c) 2010

Stay Black! is a peppy little EP from The Johnny Five, a three-piece get up outta Texas. Musically in the vein of Screechin Weasel, Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket … [insert modern era Ramones-core band name here]

Don’t let the “Ramones-core” label throw ya though. The songs are quick little pop punk bursts with clever, albeit somewhat juvenile lyrics complemented with three-chord riffery and a solid rhythm section backing them up.

The Johnny Five has been around since 2000, but as life tends to do, life got in the way. School was attended. Degrees were conferred. Children were born. Now that life has jammed its ugly head back in the sand, The Johnny Five are back with this new EP, plans for a new full length and some touring.

If you’re down with the poppy punk thang and you especially dig tongue-in-cheek tales of robot legs and David Hasselhoff, Stay Black! is right the hell up your alley.

–Jerry Actually

For fans of: Queers, Riverdales, Ramones, Bands that sound like the Ramones.

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