Teenage Bottlerocket – Warning Device

(c) 2008 Red Scare Industries
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Teenage Bottlerocket – Warning Device

Destination: Laramie, Wyoming.

Object of interest: Teenage Bottlerocket.

Release: Warning Device.

It seems that things have come full circle again. This time, in of all places, Laramie Wyoming. Who would have thought that this smallish cow town could be harboring its own DIY scene and the current Ramones-core heir apparent, Teenage Bottlerocket. I’ll tell you. It wasn’t me.

Never the less, Teenage Bottlerocket’s sophomore release on Red Scare, “Warning Device” is an instant pop punk hit. Despite, or more likely because of the heavy Ramones influence, fans of The Ramones, Screeching Weasel, The Queers and the like should go totally stupid over the 13 pogo-inducing punk songs. I especially enjoy how much track six, “Social Life” is reminiscent of “I don’t Wanna Grow Up”.

I look forward to more quality punk rock in Teenage Bottlerocket’s future. And when you listen to “Warning Device”, and you will, think about this. There is awesome old school punk rock and a DIY scene coming out of Wyoming. What did you do today?

–Jerry Actually

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