Streets Ahead [The Album]

Streets Ahead – The Album (c) 2007 Streets Ahead Like the pull of a mighty vortex, the whirlwind of America siphons away from the edges and drains somewhere towards the center.  In this case we have three musicians from disparate corners of the nation.  The three fell together in Cleveland, Ohio only to be melded together into the punk rock band, Streets Ahead.  "The Album" is full of crunchy hooks and clever and unusual lyrical constructs.  The music is punk, but not in the regurgatative ripoff sense.  Streets Ahead hold some distinctive sounds, but not so far out that they will alienate potential fans.  Think of something like Billy Corgan and TMBG colliding with Seven Seconds.  They are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but they also aren't trying to be the wheel, dig?  Either way, let me reiterate, Cleveland Rocks! and Streets Ahead keeps that rock (bad pun alert!) rolling.–Jerry Actually 

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