Sadplant – The World’s Got Problems, So Do You

© 2009 Sadplant


sadplantSadplant … A manufacturing plant that makes sad? An unhappy houseplant? Not sure, I can’t find the one-sheet that came with this new Sadplant disc, but damn! This band from Connecticut has got it going on something fierce. Formed in 2007 this release marks their fifth DIY effort and out of their own studio as well. Don’t wait too long to grab this one though, ‘cause there is a new new release slated for November. I have to admire this band for their sheer energy. They are nothing if not prolific. The music is catchy and punk rock with a unique style that you don’t often get these days. It is especially rare when you see a band cranking out this much material and it doesn’t end up sounding like musical Xerox. I’d like to say more, but frankly I think the new material is in my mailbox. No seriously, keep on with the rock-n-roll onslaught. Incidentally, the bonus track fucking sucks. 😉

–Jerry Actually

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