Sadplant – The Kids Are Alright


(c) 2009 Sadplant


The prolific Connecticut punks of Sadplant are back at it again with another DIY release. This one entitled, “The Kids Are Alright.” 14 tracks of driving punk with short track lengths with matter of fact lyrics and a straight for the throat attack. Sadplant has a definite consistency in their sound. This is certainly not a bad thing, but as opposed to very distinct releases, the albums (that I’ve heard) seem more of a continuation on a theme. There is, of note, some of the rippinist harmonica jams on track nine, “Total Piece of Shit” … so enjoy that!

What I admire the most is the tenacity in which this band attacks the DIY punk scene. They take a no holds barred approach to writing, recording and distributing rock solid punk on no terms but their own. “The Kids Are Alright” starts with the requisite intro and briskly jumps into the remaining tracks, including a gem of a cover in Suicidal’s “Possessed to Skate.” This, of course, occurs directly after the “bonus” bash the bass player segment.

So, the bottom line, Sadplant continues to deliver a consistent high quality product that doesn’t drift too far from the scope of what I’ve come to expect of the Sadplant sound. Of course by the time I finish typing these words they will have at least four new releases. Take it for what it’s worth.

–Jerry Actually

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