Roger Miret & The Disasters

Roger Miret & The Disasters – My Riot (c) 2006 Sailor's Grave Records The saga of hardcore rock and roll continues with the new release by the venerable Roger Miret & The Disasters. My Riot catalogs more of the history and emotion of growing up in, and through the help of rock and roll, living through the NYHC scene. There is more of course, but that is the predominant overtone. The music is straight up rock and roll with the attitude that you've come to expect from the Disasters. Chunky guitars, minimalist riffs, subdued drums and bass. The intro track "Warning! Warning!" starts out strikingly Ramones-esque guitar riff. To that end Track 5 is entitled nothing less than "Ramones". The remainder of the tracks hold with a very early punk sound with a reasonable dose of Clash style reggae as well. If you've liked or thought you might like any of the previous Disaster's releases, MyRiot won't dissapoint you. Not so much new as a story continued. It suits me fine. After all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.-Jerry Actually 

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