Prize The Doubt – This Will Die Unrecognized


© 2010 Prize The Doubt

This Will Die Unrecognized is the new EP from Ohio’s Prize The Doubt. Six tracks of intriguing, semi-melodic (I say semi-melodic because the songs drift from melodic to hyper-aggressive) rock. The vocals especially enforce the melodic nature of the guitar drive rock riffs.

Prize The Doubt (PTD) consists of Alex Webb on guitars/vox, Brent Bogard on bass/vox and Jeremy Hill filling the percussion roll. If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you’ll know that I have a bit of a bias towards the punk/metal/rock/[insert genre here] trios. PTD certainly doesn’t change that. I appreciate the way the songs are tighter knit to accommodate the stripped down cast.

The EP, as mentioned, offers six tracks all of which seem to run from dreamy to screamy within the same song. Generally I find that formula a bit off-putting, but PTD throws it down in a manner that remains enjoyable. I think the quirky beats and vocal counter point goes a long way to keep the songs fresh. … Don’t get me wrong though, it could be totally better if the screamo direction would be kept at a barest of bare minimums. There is also an appreciable level of complexity to the arrangements that makes this EP hard to overlook.

All said and done, a solid EP and I would definitely listen to Prize The Doubt again.

1. Forget And Forget Again
2. Innocent Subjects
3. We Are Too Separate
4. Daily News Is Dead
5. The Purity Of Conformity
6. October 17th

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