Lili Champ – Vientos

(c) 2011

[rating: 8/10]


Did you know that there is punk rock in Chile? Seriously! It is fucking rad. I’ve said it before, but I’m so glad that I can be a part of it. I can’t travel the world nearly as much as I like, but when bands like Lili Champ are kind enough to send their music to me, I feel like I am a much bigger part of it than I really am.

Vientos is an eight track of upper mid-tempo punk rock in somewhat of a Social Distortion vein, musically but with vocal lines and sing-a-longs that are much more resplendent of bands like Millencolin or … you know, I don’t really know. It is a punk rock sound that I dig and I’m not sure that I need much more than that.

The songs are a blend of Spanish and English language. Some I get. Some I do not. My Spanish is at about an ADD two year old’s level, so that isn’t the most helpful. I’m pretty sure track five, “Entrecerros” is a cover, but I can’t quite tell. That isn’t really the point though. The point is. I’m rocking out in San Diego to punk rock from Santiago! That is pretty much fate, isn’t it?

Bottom line is some kick ass new tunes for you and your amigos to rock the hell out too, right?

–Jerry Actually

One thought on “Lili Champ – Vientos”

  1. Awesome! Im friends with some of the band members, so cool to see a review of their album here. And you are totally right, their music is cool. Aguante!

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